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Mr. Japanese Curry



Mr. Japanese Curry dedicates to provide authentic house made Japanese curry. You can choose beef, chicken, or vegan curry sauce and select from a diverse array of traditional toppings to fully customize your dish. Each dish comes with Super Premium Short Grain Koshihikari white rice and a sprinkle of fried onions. It is affordable, delicious, and a new curry experience. You can create your perfect curry every time or discover new favourites!

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Curry powder was introduced to Japan over 150 years ago by Europeans after importing it from India. This dish was then adapted by the Japanese to suit their tastes resulting in a thicker, sweeter, umami curry sauce but less spicy than its Indian counterpart.


Our curry sauce is inspired by Harima Foods’ popular curry sauce - a favourite in Western Japan. They are also known for their 100 years experience in producing the finest chutney. 

What makes Mr. Japanese Curry unique is it starts out sweet from the many fruits and vegetables, then comes a rich, umami flavour from the savory broth, and finally ending with a spicy kick from more than 17 different spices. Our process makes for a mellow and rounded curry flavour every time. Please enjoy our truly authentic Japanese curry!

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446 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C., V5Y 1N9

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Last Order 2:45pm and 7:45pm

11:00am - 3:00pm
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To order pick-up or customize your order, scan the QR code or click 'ORDER NOW'!

TEL: 604-879-4400
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